Destiny [Writing]

I often get asked,

"what is the meaning of life?"

"What is the reason for this?"

"why me?"

"Why you?"

"Why us?"

Their is no reason,

their is no reason to life.

You have to find it,

find the reason you get up day after day.

Reason why you push through all the shit, the reason you fucking fight back.

Don't lie the fuck down and rot away like so many other;

don't be a statistic;

don't be just another lost soul;

blown away in the dust.


Wake the fuck up and move the wind.

Be ready for everything that comes your way;

Fight for what is your's;

Fight for what is ours’;

Fight for what is their’s
Take your life back

Take what is your’s

This is your life;

This is our life;

This is their life;

This is your destiny.

This isn’t how it was meant to be;

your life is not set by a fictional being;

their is no god;

their is no ultimate plan.

If I was to be wrong.

than this isn't what your life is suppose to be like.

This isn't your ultimate plan;

this isn't your destiny;

you are not destined to fail;

failure is an excuse of the weak;

make no excuses.

Failure is just another reason to try again.

What once was wrong can be made right

So wake the fuck up and fight.

Make a change today.

This is not your destiny;

you were not destined to fail.

don't wait for change to come, you have to find it.