[Art] The Day

Was trying to draw something emotionally striking, and experimenting with a few other things.


[Art] Anywhere, everywhere.

Made this for someone, it was a request, took probably a good 150+ hours to finish, loved every minute doing it.

Higher Quality:

[Art] This Guy (Demon)

This guy is too sexy to not rule the underworld... or your girlfriend...or boyfriend...no discrimination here...

[Art] Damaged

Had this drawing on hold for a good month or two. Decide that was long enough, so... with a good 14 or so hours of work today alone. Here it is, done.

Google Drive for better quality:


[Art] Mask

My latest drawing, two unnamed characters I sketched up one day that i decided to color and stuff.  What do you think?  More like this in the future, suggestions  comments?  Leave them in the Comments down below.

Also would like to apologize for the lack of updates and whatnot.  I have terrible internet service, it is very slow and limited to 300 Megabytes of data a day, and that is shared between the 3 of us here.


Jack the Freelancer

Jack Skeltur and Mr. Scruffles taking a Tea break

Oh boy, put so many hours into this, put at least 6 in it today alone. Hope you all enjoy it, I know I enjoyed working on it.


Chumm - "Don't worry brother, we are almost there"

"Don't worry brother, we are almost there"
Well the man you see next to my logo has a name now.  That name is Chumm.

What?  you tell me you came for the Wub-Wub-Wub?

Wub-Wub-Wub after the break.


Fan Art: Psylacus of Youtube

I did this piece for Psylacus on YouTube. Psylacus is an independent reviewer of PC hardware, games and accessories. His videos are well put together and helpful. Check his channel out!
Check his channel out here:
Facebook Page:
Started this Drawing on the June 3rd, just finished it a hour or so ago, really happy with how it turned out.


Dubstep made me do it...

I don't know, I was in need of some inspiration or a mood lifter, so then I could preceded to draw one night a few months ago.  So I figured, why not try something new? Then fired up the YouTube and searched for "Dubstep" at least... I think... I mean, pretty sure, that is how it happened.  Dubstep, it does things to your mind... you see, I forget?  Maybe none of this happened and the Dubstep made me think it happened, but at least what I do know, is that a drawing came from that night.

song after the break.


Bill Schrodurr has something to say...

This was my first experimental work done in Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2011.  It's a pretty neat program, definitely would be most useful on a touchscreen laptop with a pen or a Wacom Cintiq, just feels so awkward to use with a Keyboard and a mouse with a Wacom Bamboo.  It's definitely a powerful program and works fairly well, little slow though, think it's because it's a 32bit program only.


Paku-Paku loves Takues

This drawing came to be with a conversation between me and my friend over Xbox Live.


Sorrow In the Shadows

Did this near the end of 2011, around September maybe.  Really enjoyed doing this piece, one of the few drawings back then that I would consider finished, but  it has a really simple look, but looks complete.


Bloody Face Smashing Apple of Doom

This is the image that stared all my new work, plus this was my very first drawing done using GIMP and my new PC.  I built the new PC in November, along with my very generous brother that is in the Navy and currently out in the sea.  He payed for like 80% of the system.

GIMP v2.8 was released yesterday in stable version for Linux.  I use a PC, so I downloaded the latest release candidate from FileHippo, precompiled into an .exe file, since their is not a currently stable version for Windows.  I would definitely give it a try if you have used GIMP in the past and wasn't satisfied with it, because this version is so much easier to use, flows a lot better and runs great.


Shino, the CEO/Founder/president/vice president/COO... of Jerk'n Ya Gerk'n Pickles

Meet Shino, the CEO/Founder/president/vice president/COO... of Jerk'n Ya Gerk'n Pickles. His Pickles are known to cure STDs, Cancer, Warts, TSS, SIDs... I think you get the point... This stuff is good!... not cheap!... But Good! No not good....AMAZING!!!! I...mean wow, Cancer you say?! Ya! C A N... CER! That bad stuff you hears about!

This was a character I drew after my friend.  It was a huge challenge to make this one look like my friend, I had many failed attempts over the months.

Whitechapel's new single "Hate Creation"

Whitechapel's new single "Hate Creation" was recently released.  It's fairly good , they have definitely changed a lot over the years.  The new single seems to take some inspiration from "Iowa" era Slipknot and overall gives me a impression throughout of Five Finger Death Punch during the "War is the Answer" era.


Carnifex - Angel Of Death (SLAYER Cover)

Never been much of a Slayer fan, but I love this cover that Carnifex did of the song "Angel of Death".


Ya know... we all got to eat sometime. Right?
This was my first experiment with gore, ended up being very pleased with how it ended up turning out.


Here Comes The Kraken - Don't Fail Me Darko

I still remeber the first time listening to this song, love it so much, but use to give me a headache with everything that is going on.

"Organ Trail" - Play this now!

Organ Trail was an edutainment game developed in 1971. Schools across America used this game as a teaching tool to prepare children for the impending zombie apocolypse and dysentery.

Re-live your childhood with this faithfully emulated version of Organ Trail for the Apple-II.
This is a spin-off of the "Oregan Trail" with an zombie apocalypse setting.  This isn't a modified Sprite version of "Oregan Trail", "Organ Trail" has the same basic principles of "Oregan Trail", but with a completely new setting,  graphics, story and writing.  Stayed up till like 3am last night playing this, it is so much fun.

Go Here to give it a try, you will not regret it.


CHESzzz and her mighty steed Lettuce

The name is CHESzzz and her mighty steed named Lettuce
I learned a lot of new techniques when I made this drawing back in February, that's why it still remains one of my favorites.


Jasper the super friendly

Casper! The Friendly... Ghost? Wait... What the Fuuck! This is Jasper, he ain't no Ghost. AND! He's not friendly... Or is he... Well... I'll just say "Hi" I suppose...
This is one of my most recent works I did.  It was a redraw of a character I made back in middle school.  Posted after the break below.


Make Them Suffer - Widower

Wow, I love this song.  The Piano in the background reminds me of the Resident Evil Movie theme I loved so much.  Definitely my favorite song of the two that Make Them Suffer unveiled for their new CD Neverbloom, that will be releasing on May 25th 2012 through Roadrunner Records Australia.  Looks and sounds very promising, very happy with their deal they made with Roadrunner Record Australia so far.

Drawing of explody man

Made this back in March, on the 7th, came to mind when I was thinking about a cool concept for a FPS.

Cattle Decapitation - Lifestalker